qi for all wellness... TO QI FOR ALL WELLNESS !

So many wonderful ways to physical vitality and higher consciousness of Love and Life !

Over these past almost 2 decades I have developed through practice and Self study the awareness of the healthy functionings of the physical body and the direct relationship of the mind, emotions and Spirit upon the quality of Life.

I am happy to offer you an opportunity to understand yourself and your health through the practices of

+ Registered Massage

+ CranioSacral Technique

+ Medical Qigong

+ Access Consciousness

with full recognition that we can bring any parts of you feeling disconnected back into alignment and awareness. The potential of this unfolding is exponentially increased by 2 peoples attention.. yours and mine.

This conscious unfolding brings clear awareness of the next Self-Loving right choice which when acted on opens you to greater freedom and ease in your body and mind.

Take a moment to imagine the state of your well-being in harmonious alignment.

This way of being begins with a conscious choice to feel as good as you can and continues to build the more you make time to truly nourish yourself by being your whole self. I have spent years discovering the connection between Spirit and Matter and am so grateful for this growing feeling of freedom and vitality to live Life in alignment with my True Self.

What better way to make the most of this life journey and to truly benefit those close to us on our path and in our community?

Feel Free to explore the portals here. Perhaps you will find yourself leaning towards some of these offerings as ways to nourish your body with more appreciation. All of these approaches to wellness are provided with the intent to tune your cells and consciousness to the nature of Grace, Wellness, Ease and Joy and opening to the highest potential of the moment.