My journey into the healing arts began with a trip to Thailand in 1991 during which I attended my first meditation retreat.  After those first 10 days of meditation and completing 6 months of travel in a culture where people had compassion, wisdom and equanimity as guiding spiritual principles, I came back to Canada with a passion for finding what it would take to feel relaxed, at peace and on purpose in daily life.  This quest brought Registered Massage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, and Medical Qigong into my life as foundations for understanding how the body is put together and how it flows with life energy internally and externally.  Studies and practice in 7 Lotus Chi Kung as well as the energy healings and meditational work learned with the Training in Power Academy have grown and enriched my conscious awareness of Life and Love within my own energy field and in relationship with others and Nature. These practices have become fulfilling for personal wellness as well as guiding me to engage healthily in the beautiful purpose of being of service through manual therapeutic techniques and teaching ways of wellness.

I find that the more I apply what I’ve learned about energy to my professional practice the more the people who choose to come to see me benefit.  I notice that greater depths of relaxation and quiescence are achieved.  I feel this provides a greater opportunity for the body’s innate wisdom to become active in correcting pathological patterns that keep the body from alignment and ease.  During the sessions I assess for imbalances in the musculature, in the connective tissue network and in the energetic anatomy and subtle levels of energy.  The intention is to relieve the body of old protection dynamics from past injury that are no longer needed thus liberating energy from old habits and bringing fresh energy to life in the present.

It is with gentleness and a lot of listening that a session with me begins.  Respect for the whole person and their tissues guides me in the application of the chosen modalities while attention is given to the integration and balance of the body with it’s energy and your spirit. These sessions often complete with instruction in authentic movement and/or breathing exercises to help you continue to deepen this integration and understanding of what a beautiful treasure your existence is.  

I feel grateful for and so excited by the pure potential of Life and am honored to be able to be of service to myself and others through the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained through these 19 years of study and practice.