⊕ A Course Of Applied Tensegrity

The same process occurs although in a different somewhat indirect way with C.O.A.T.

 The body’s fascia is gently stimulated to begin softening and rehydrating through a rocking manipulation of the lines of fascia through the body beginning with the Anterior Superior Facial line while you are lying on your back.

There is a gentle lifting and turning of the superficial tissues over the areas of tension that brings about through this traction an opening of the circulation and an opportunity for the fascial fibers to align, sometimes snapping or popping back into a more supportive alignment.

I find that this technique, which was created by an RMT in Vancouver, BC named Marjorie Haynes (www.opendoorhealing.com), and is fairly new to the world, improves the effectiveness of any other modality used afterwards. As you might imagine, tissues that have been freshly hydrated and opened to improved circulation are much less cranky and resistant to movement and are ready to allow further relaxations into optimal alignment.

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