This technique can be described as a positional release.

It releases the position of injury from the body by having the practitioner support the body into the position it was in at the moment of injury thus creating some laxity in the fibers of connective tissue that have been holding and protecting for sometimes a very long while.

In many cases the fascial or connective tissue contraction is only useful during the moment of injury or impact. It is only due to our unpracticed ability of letting go of fear and the fight or flight response from our body and mind that we keep hanging on to the tension. We forget that we could shake off the stress just as we see animals do. So many layers of tension can develop during a human life and it takes a loving focus of breathing and softening to bring about the resolution and freedom desired.

Alternately in the case of skeletal deformity a little extra fascial tone can be necessary in some alignments as the body is under continual stress with gravity and the physically incongruous structure present.

As your body is supported into a position of injury the fascial tension surrounding all the affected structures is alleviated- Joints, muscles and organs enjoy a tension and stress free environment and the area is opened to improved flow of blood, water and energy. This is immensely beneficial for the body as in this moment it’s circuits are not so busy with old traumas and can begin to return to the original design.

It is a beautiful process of decompression, lengthening, alignment and opening to a fresh flow of supportive energies and fluids helping the return to resiliency and vitality

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