Massage is the systematic and gradual deepening of relaxation throughout the layers of muscle tissue.

Focus is kept on interrupting the less optimal and often habitual messages being sent by the mind to the nerves and then to the tendons and muscles creating a constant state of shortened muscle fibers. Often these tension dynamics are in response to older fascial holding or protecting patterns pulling the skeleton into those past postures of stress and out of healthy alignment, compressing joints and interrupting circulation which is why the releasing of fascia is so important for lasting muscle relief and ease.

Increasing the blood circulation is also part of a good massage. Using massage to manually move out any inflammatory byproducts stagnant in the areas of pain and tension encourages the circulation back towards the heart and lungs for cleaning is an excellent way to treat the muscle tissue to fresh oxygen and nutrients and reset healthy muscle tone.

Joint mobilizations and Passsive Range of Motion are done for improving the tone of the joint capsule, increasing the free flow of joint fluid for the nourishment of cartilage and for helping the joint remember and engage in the full range of motion it has been designed to perform.

Having training in the ancient Chinese techniques of Medical Qigong I tune into the quality of flow of the body’s energy or Qi while providing massage.

During a “Qi Massage”  you will enjoy how gentle pressure over acu-points along the meridians and channels of the body’s energetic anatomy can relax and harmonize the body even more.

Some favorite and very effective points I use often are the LI point at the lateral upper arm to reduce energy stagnation and tension through the neck and upper back and also the Gall Bladder points at the lateral hips help the pelvis to relax and center.

A good Qi Massage helps a person to take a nice big step towards understanding and trusting in the self opening to the connection with the flow of Life.

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