Perfect Health

When one makes a choice for perfect health what steps are taken to realize it and embody it joyfully?

While studying many different modern and ancient methods of healing and meditation I found some common denominators involved when leading oneself to ever more harmony and vitality in the quality of life experience.

Allowing. – There may be a requirement of you to allow a change in behavior!

Oh No! Oh Yes! You will find so much freedom as costly habits of behavior and thinking drop away replaced by simple and astonishingly effective joy and vitality enhancing practices such as breathing consciously and finding your center through meditation in stillness and mindfulness in movement.

Trust and Faith: Did you know there are limitless sources of energy universally and within you?

You can count on it! Quite often a process of unblocking energy channels and centers in the body and mind is helpful in order to consciously make healthy choices within this reality you find yourself in. Choice by choice you will open yourself to a more joyful experience. Moment by moment a truer alignment is available to you.

Determination: Choose, take action and then stay committed while it to unfolds.

More and more beauty will become in front of your eyes. Stay focused.

Patience: Things take time to come into alignment sometimes.

Embody a kind mothering attitude and mix it with an inquisitive scientist temperament and keep at it one breath after another.